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Angeliki Trimi

Real Estate Agent
Angie has the experience, knowledge, and contacts to guide you in finding a property that ...
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Dionysis Spanos

Digital Marketing and webmaster
Dionysis is responsible for the digital representation, marketing, and development of VHD ...
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Sissi Alevromageira

Director in VIP Services Department
Sissi is responsible for planning your business trip to Greece in collaboration with you. ...
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Kalliopi Iordanidou

Interior Design Architect
Kalliopi is known for her extensive experience and expertise in interior design and renova ...
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Katia Tsibiridi

Real Estate Agent Golden Visa
Katia will help you acquire properties suitable for obtaining a Golden Visa and assist you ...
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Vasilis Chasanis

With 25 years of experience in the field of luxury real estate, he created a company inten ...
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Eleni Petrakoy

Legal Support

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