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Legal Support to the owner

According to the law, the collection of a series of supporting documents by the owner is required for the drafting of the contract of sale. VHD Associates undertakes the legal support of each owner and his guidance at all stages of the deal. Specifically, we undertake:

  • The collection of all the necessary supporting documents and the preparation of a complete dossier for the drafting of the final purchase and sale contract.

More specifically:

  1. Title of acquisition of the property
  2. Proof of Tax Awareness stating that it is intended for TRANSFER OF PROPERTY, by the Tax Office where the Seller submits a tax return.
  4. If they have been drawn up by 31.12.1984, the following is required:
    – For Parental Benefits, Dowries, Donations:
    Only a copy of this contract, or a certificate from the notary who drafted it, that it was drawn up until 31.12.1984
    – For Inheritances: Death certificate from which it follows that the death of the heir occurred until 31.12.1984
  5. If they have been drawn up after 01.01.1985, the following is required:
    – Certificate from the competent Tax Office regarding non-debt of Inheritance, Parental Benefit, Dowry or Donation tax respectively.
  6. Certificate from the competent Municipality, to which the property belongs, that no Real Estate Tax (TAP) is due. For the issuance of the certificate it is required to present to the Municipality a copy of the property contract and the last PPC bill paid.
  7. Certified copy of the Building Permit of the transferred building, if it has been issued after 14.03.1983. If it is earlier than 14.03.1983, a responsible statement of the Seller and the Buyer is required that the buildings of the property have been erected before this date. These responsible statements are prepared before the Notary at the time of signing the Contracts. It is also signed by the Seller and the Buyer that the transferred property is not located in a stream, beach, seashore, habitat, public property, archaeological site, according to Law 2242/94
  8. Insurance Awareness, certificate of non-debt from the competent IKA, if the Seller is a trader, participates in a business, is the owner of a newly constructed building, as well as in other cases provided by law.
  9. Cadastral Extract from the Cadastral Office to which the Seller has submitted a declaration of Law 2308/85, provided that the property is located in an area that has been included in the National Land Registry.
  10. Certificate from the competent Municipality on non-payment of overdue debts of the property for the contribution to land and money, if the property is located in an area that was included in the City Plan according to Law 1337/83 and has been ratified Implementing Act. If the Implementation Deed was ratified after 25.11.1994, or has not been ratified yet, a Certificate from the competent Municipality is required that a Property Declaration has been submitted by the seller.
  11. Permit of the Committee of Law 1892/1990 if the property is located in a border area.

In addition to the above Supporting Documents are required in addition:

1. Recent Topographic Diagram of the plot, with the statement of the engineer who drafted it, according to Law 651/1977 & Law 1337/83
2. Certificate of the competent Office Τ.Ο. E.B, for the agricultural plots located in areas where the Land Improvement Organization operates, that no contributions of irrigation fees are due.

  • Legal support at all stages of the buying and selling transaction.
  • Control of the final contract of sale and representation of a lawyer on the day of its signing.

Our goal is for every customer to feel safe at every stage of their transaction with us.

Tell us today about any legal issues related to the purchase or sale of real estate.

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