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Legal support to the potential Buyer

The legal department of VHD provides the following services:

  • Legal verification of property titles in the Mortgage Office and the Land Registry, in order to ascertain that the property has a correct order of titles and has no burdens (mortgages, seizures, pre-notices, claims, etc.).
  • Checking all the supporting documents provided by the seller to the Notary.
  • Control of the final Sale contract and representation of a lawyer on the day of its signing.
  • Legal support at all stages of the buying and selling transactions.
  • If desired, and after the completion of the purchase, it is possible for any legal support to obtain your loan, for any further transfer of the property (parental benefit, donation, sale, etc.) as well as for any future information or legal action you need.

Submission of Transfer Tax

Declaration This Declaration is prepared by the Notary and is accompanied by the calculation sheets of the objective value of the property. It is signed by the buyer and the seller and submitted by the buyer or by an authorized person to the Capital Department of the Tax Office that owns the property.
If the property is located outside areas of objective identification, instead of the value calculation sheet, a Detailed Report is submitted and the purchase value of the property is estimated by the head of the competent Tax Office.

In case of Tax Exemption for first residence, the buyer submits to the competent Tax Office:

1. Certificate of Marital Status (even if he is single)
2. Copy of his Tax Return of the last two years

  • A copy of the form E-9, certified by the Tax Office of his income, if there is no, submit to the Tax Office a responsible statement that he has not submitted E-9

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