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Vasilis  Chasanis , the  founder  of  VHD  Luxury  Properties,  is devoted to serving  the needs of  real estate customers  throughout  Greece and specifically  Athens , Mykonos and Santorini  islands.  His  company  collaborates with  distinguished lawyers, financial  advisors,  notaries  , architects  and  engineers,   that  guarantee  the successful handling  in  the  real  estate   transaction.

Vasilis , with 16  years  of  experience in  the  real  estate  sector,  works  closely with  his  clients   from  initial  enquiry  right  through to property  completion  and beyond offering  property management services. His  aim  is  to deliver   information  and  tailor-made  advisory  service ,  for  investors  who  are  interested  in  overseas  property  market   especially in  the  southern  suburbs  of  Athens  and  In  Myconos  and  Santorini   islands.

Through  the  years , Vasilis  has  earned  a   reputation  as   one of the most trusted and admired agents in  the  real  estate  market.

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